Fleece Artist Zambezi – 10/30/14

Fleece Artist Zambezi


We have a few returning colorways of Zambezi to entice you to join this year’s love fest with brushed yarn!  This wispy cloud of Kid Mohair and Silk works up as a DK weight.  The fabric you make will be shimmering with beauty, warm and enfolding, yet weighing almost nothing.  It’s hard to imagine a more dreamlike fiber, but with Zambezi all those dreams come true, here.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk – 10/29/14

Hand Maiden Sea Silk


Seven returning colorways of Sea Silk are now gracing our yarn room, looking scrumptious, we might add.  A single skein of Sea Silk can be easily transformed into a gift of extraordinary beauty, making it just perfect for the busy holiday season, here.

NEW!!! Fleece Artist Coraline – 10/28/14

Fleece Artist Coraline

Peach Blosssom

Squeeeel!  We have a Brand New Yarn to share with you! Coraline is a premium quality single-breed wool yarn that is the same Super Bulky weight as Big Blue. Spun of 100% Corridale wool, Coraline offers up everything any fiber lover could want:  It is soft and strong, the spin offers beautiful stitch definition; it takes color in ways that are reminiscent of the vibrancy of Merino wool, and it has a cushy hand that is (have we mentioned this before?) very, very soft.  There’s an extra special wonderful thing about it, too:  all of this comes to you with a price of, honest, only $15.95 per 125g skein!  Your next sweater, scarf, hat, cowl or blanket begins here.

Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 – 10/23/14

Fleece Artist Merino 2/6


Yea!!!  More Merino 2/6 is here!!  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a shipment of Fleece Artist’s beloved fingering Merino, but here at the shop we can all attest that the wait was worth it.  All 12 returning colorways are drenched in fabulous color, evoking dreams of beautiful scarves, and shawls, and sweaters and more.  Take a look and find the skeins that are calling you, here.

Fleece Artist Saldanha Two – 10/21/14

Fleece Artist Saldanha Two


Have you been having this feeling that there is more lace in your future?  You are so right!  We have 12 newly arrived colorways of Saldanha Two to share with you, each of them glowing with rich colors and alive with the promise of heirloom lace.  Saldanha Two comes by its radiance natural – with 100% Merino fibers spun into a delicate yet strong lace weight yarn, light enough for a summer’s evening, cozy enough to ward of the chills of fall and winter.  Mmmmm.  The future of lace, in your hands, couldn’t be better, here.

Hand Maiden Double Sea – 10/20/14

Hand Maiden Double Sea

Sea Oak

We’ve had so much fun with Sea Three lately, that Double Sea decided it had to come play, too.  We just received 7 colorways of Hand Maiden’s lustrous DK rendition of Sea Silk!  If you are thinking anything silky and dazzling, Double Sea wants you to know that it is standing by ready to make sure your next project is everything you want it to be, here.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk – 10/16/14

Hand Maiden Sea Silk


A basketful of Sea Silk arrived the other day.  It wasn’t the largest order we’ve ever received, but, oh my!, did it ever brighten up our yarn room!  The subtle flow of color on these newest skeins sets our hearts a’beatin’ and turns our thoughts to dancing lace.  Join us in bringing our dreams of gossamer and filigree to life as a Sea Silk creation, here.

Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3-ply – 10/15/14

Fleece Artist Woolie Silk

Polar Sea

In plenty of time for sweater season, we’ve received 7 returning colorways of Fleece Artist’s wonderful Woolie Silk!  Woolie Silk offers everything anyone could possibly want in a yarn:  it is beautiful; it is a super-versitile DK weight that will knit handsomely on needles ranging from US 2/3mm to US 8/5mm; it is spun with a delectable twist that renders both a springy hand and pristine stitch definition.  And, it feels great in your hands as you work with it, and great on your body when you wear it.  ‘Woolie Silk’ must be the new way to spell ‘love,’ here.

Hand Maiden Silken – 10/13/14

Hand Maiden Silken


It looks like we almost forgot to tell you that we have 17 new and returning colorways of Silken to share.  How on earth did we miss that beat???  But the good news is that they are here, they are radiant, and they remain everything you absolutely could want in a DK 100% silk, here.

Fleece Artist Thrum Mittens/Socks Kits – 10/10/14

Fleece Artist Thrum Mittens/Socks Kits

Snow Flowers

We have added a dozen new Thrum Mittens/Socks kits with the promise that you’ll not only have huge fun knitting them, but your fingers and toes will be so toasty warm wear them that they’ll wiggle with delight.  Thrum Mittens or Socks are also among the best received gifts ever, so (after you knit yourself a pair, of course) you’ll want to stock up for some festive holiday gift knitting, here.