Prices Reduced on Every Yarn in the Clearance Corner! – 9/30/14


Prices just reduced throughout our Clearance Corner!

We’ve visited every Clearance page with our magic “Spend Less” wand!  Now you can save even more on our vast collection of beautiful Clearance yarns.  And don’t forget, almost all of them are part of our Touch of Love Gift-a-Long CAL sale.  To save an additional 10%, all you need to do is type the word “Love” into the Sale Code box on your shopping cart page, here.

Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 – 9/26/14

Fleece Artist BFL 2/8


We have an overflowing basketful of newly arrived BFL 2/8, a favorite among the BFL pantheon of amazing wool yarns.  If you’ve been thinking about colorwork, this arrival is for you.  BFL 2/8 answers the call of Fair Isle with super soft, super strong fiber and radiant colors.  Cuddly, warm, dazzling — you can have it all, here.

Fleece Artist Mo – 9/25/14

Sweet Tea

There are 5 newly arrived colorways on the Mo shelves of our yarn room.  They look so dreamy that all of us want to just jump into them and take a blissful nap.  However, reason has prevailed, and instead we have carefully set them in their cubbies, awaiting your needles, hooks and shuttles.  When you take up Mo, you will be working with a cloud of soft, enfolding fiber; warm, but almost non-existently lightweight.  As you wear it, you’ll find that it stays strong and beautiful for years and years and becomes something you always look forward to using in chilly weather.  Experience the delight, here.

Hand Maiden Lace Silk – 9/24/14


We have 16 newly arrived colorways of Lace Silk to share with you, assuming, of course, that we don’t take them all home ourselves.  This is always the challenge around here — can we control ourselves long enough to give others a chance at the latest batch of stunning yarns??  This is especially a problem with Lace Silk, one of the most opulently stunning yarns Hand Maiden produces.  Each skein sends us into raptures about color and fiber and what we might do with it.  In the case of Lace Silk, there’s a lot we might do with it:  Its 900 meters per skein makes the world of knitting our oyster.  It can be yours, too, here.

Fleece Artist Overberg and Sea Wool Discontinued by Mill – 9/23/14

Fleece Artist Overberg

Fleece Artist Sea Wool

We have received word that two of Fleece Artist’s best-loved yarns are no longer in production and no further supply exists.  As sad as it is to say “Good-bye” to Overberg and Sea Wool, the silver lining to this cloud is that we have marked down the prices for each of them so that you can have one last fling with these favorites at a savings.  Sales are limited to stock on hand, and all sales are final, here for Overberg and here for Sea Wool.


Welcome to Our “Touch of Love Gift-A-Long” on Ravelry!


Here at Colorsong, we feel that this time of year offers every fiber worker what they dream about the rest of the year: a break in the heat with the time needed to make that really special gift for someone you love.  We decided that this would make a wonderful theme for our coming CAL, and set about gathering yarns that would be especially lovely as unique and cherished gifts.  When we looked over our selections, we realized that unbeknownst to us, our choices carried the theme of “texture” with them.  Each and every one has a very special texture that nurtures with each touch.

And so, our “Touch of Love Gift-A-Long” begins, starting today, Sept. 4.  Cast-on begins Sept. 15 and cast-off day is October 31.  During this time, we can all think about the people who are closest to us, and also about what projects to create in their honor.  And yes, it is completely permissible to indulge in self-gifting — we are, after all, closest to ourselves and that person sometimes needs support, too.

From now until October 31, you can save 10% on the following yarns and kits simply by typing the word “Love” into the Sale Code box on your shopping cart.  Click “Recalculate” and enjoy the savings.  You’ll find that discontinued colorways of most of the yarns are also represented on our Clearance pages and that the coupons will take another 10% off the discounted prices!

Here’s wishing you much joy, laughter, warmth and love with each stitch!

“Touch of Love” Sale Yarns:

Fleece Artist:

BFL Aran
BFL Big Blue
Peter Rabbit
Slubby Blue

Hand Maiden:

Casbah Silk
iSilk (in Clearance Corner only)
Lady Godiva
Maiden Hair
Swiss Mountain Mulberry Tussah


2 of 3 Kits
Island Embrace Blanket
Northern Nights Blanket

Perl Grey Pewter – On Sale at 25% Off!!!

Perl Grey Pewter - Save 25% Now!

Perl Grey Pewter – Save 25% Now!

There’s been a refreshing change in the air that has set us thinking about holiday gifts, parties and special occasions. We couldn’t think of a better way to share our enthusiasm for the coming season than by offering you a discount on any Perl Grey Pewter you choose to take home.  For a limited time, every piece of Perl Grey Pewter comes with it a 25% discount.  If you’ve had your eye on something special, this is the time to take advantage of the savings, here.

Kick Off the Knitting and Crochet Season with 20% Savings on ALL addi Products!! – 8/29/14

Save 20% on ALL addi products!!

Save 20% on ALL addi products!!

You heard right!  Over at the addi Needle Shop, we’re celebrating the return of crisp fall days and lots and lots of great knitting and crochet weather with a 20% discount on ALL addi products!  The discount will automatically apply to everything you order.  So welcome the new Knitting and Crochet Season and save as you stock up on the tools you love, here!

Hand Maiden Maiden Hair – 8/26/14

Hand Maiden Maiden Hair


Fourteen (14 !) newly arrived colorways of Hand Maiden Maiden Hair are here, ready to share their shimmery, shiny, fluffy goodness with you.  Those of you who participated in the Boo Knits MKAL recently have already discovered how really, really special Maiden Hair is; those of you who haven’t yet made its acquaintance are in for a treat.  Maiden Hair feels like a gossamer dream and looks like a yarn designer’s master achievement, catching everyone’s eye in every way possible, here.