Fleece Artist Big Blue – 8/1/14

Fleece Artist Big Blue


On our Ravelry group, Britt (aka Bohoknitterchic) was just mentioning that it’s about that time of year when, despite the warm temperatures outdoors, knitters start thinking ahead to the coming cold seasons and begin to plan their sweater projects.  She must be right, because no sooner had she spoken when a bountiful shipment of Big Blue, Fleece Artist’s super bulky 100% Blue Face Leicester yarn, arrived at our door.

With it came some news you’ll want to hear:  Right now there is a high demand worldwide for BFL fiber (understandably, given how wonderful it is).  This has resulted in a slowdown at the mill which is delaying shipments of BFL yarn to Fleece Artist (they expect more to arrive late September/early October).  Additionally, the demand has pushed the price up just a bit.  When the next shipments arrive, the price of Big Blue will be $24.95, not the current $19.95.  So, if you’re wanting to make the snuggliest sweater ever, or the warmest, cuddliest blanket, now is the time to bring home the Big Blue you’ve had your eye on, here.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk – 7/31/14

Hand Maiden Sea Silk

Cactus Flower

We have 11 newly arrived colorways of Hand Maiden’s Sea Silk to share with you!  It remains a fact that Sea Silk is one of the very most loved yarns in all of Colorsong, and for all the right reasons: it is delicious to handle, works up like a dream, looks beautiful any way you create with it, and its silk and Seacell® combination drapes like a charm.  Feast your eyes and entice your hands, here.

Hand Maiden Sea Three – 7/28/14

Hand Maiden Sea Three


After we received our most recent shipment of Sea Three, Keri noticed that most of the photos dated back to the very earliest days of our new photography system and that they fell short of our current technique and standards.  So, off she went to the yarn room, basket in hand, and proceeded to update each and every one of the old photos.  The difference is striking: Now you can see the full beauty and texture of every skein of this beautiful silk and Seacell® Aran yarn.  So, please, have a peek.  We think that you will fall in love with Sea Three all over again, just like we did, here.

Hand Maiden Rumple – 7/25/14

Hand Maiden Rumple

Sea Oak

We just received 11 newly arrived colorways of Hand Maiden’s Rumple, their fingering weight 100% silk micro-bouclé.  Included are all the 2014 colorways, each of them heart-stoppingly wonderful.  If you’re new to Rumple, take advantage of the free Bias Shawl pattern download and settle in to one of the best single skein “easy knit” projects ever, here.

Colorsong Gets Its Picture on the Cover of Enchanted Knits! – 7/22/14

Enchanted Knits by Interweave Press

Click image to order your copy – Photo by Christa Tippmann

We are so happy to share with you the news that Interweave‘s most recent special edition, “Enchanted Knits,” not only features Hand Maiden’s Swiss Mtn. Cashmere & Silk that we supplied, but showcases it on the cover! Adding to the fun of it all is the fact that the designs are inspired by one of our very favorite fairy tales, Grimm’s Snow White and Rose Red, and the fact that Swiss Mtn. Cashmere & Silk is part of our Hot August Nights Scarf Fling-a-Long sale!  Thanks to Interweave and their very creative designer, you can make these beautiful cowls in sumptuous yarn at a savings.  Just order the colors you crave (you’ll need only 1 skein for each cowl) and type ‘Fling’ in the Sale Code Box.  Click ‘Recalculate’ and enjoy the savings!

Enchanted Knits - featuring Colorsong's yarn!

Snow White and Rose Red in stunning cowls of Swiss Mtn. Cashmere & Silk


Hand Maiden Great Big Sea – Not Discontinued at Colorsong! – 7/15/14

Hand Maiden Great Big Sea


We have double-good news to share!  Not only have we received 22 (!!!) colorways of Great Big Sea, but we have been spared from having to announce that it has been discontinued by the mill.  Here’s the story:  The mill did tell Hand Maiden that they would be spinning no more of it, and Hand Maiden told us.  We shed a few tears because Great Big Sea is a wonderful yarn that we would have missed mightily.  However, just as we were readying GBS for the Clearance section, Hand Maiden contacted us to let us know that they had received a surprise shipment of the last Great Big Sea the mill still possessed.  After dancing around and singing, we bought every single skein, to be delivered throughout the coming year!!  Our first delivery has arrived, and it offers an abundance of yarn and colors for sweaters, scarves, vests and more.  Great Big Sea is 50% silk, 30% wool, and 20% Seacell® as a 3-ply DK.  It is one of the most pleasurable yarns to work with, gliding through your fingers like, well, just like Great Big Sea, here.

Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 – 7/10/14

Fleece Artist Merino 2/6


Joining our Scarf Fling-A-Long sale are 11 newly arrived colorways of Merino 2/6, an all-time favorite yarn for just about anything you’d like to make, most especially including soft and cozy scarves.  Find the colors that make you smile here, and don’t forget to type the word “Fling” into the Sale Code box on your shopping cart then click Recalculate to enjoy 10% off!

Hand Maiden Swiss Silk – 7/9/14

Hand Maiden Swiss Silk


If you’re looking for some juicy yet elegant summer knitting, we’ve got an abundance of Swiss Silk that will fill the bill.  Fourteen recently arrived colorways to be exact, 7 of which are brand new.  We love Swiss Silk because it is, well, just so perfect.  Its fiber is 100% silk, some of the longest staple, best quality we’ve ever seen.  The spinning?  Goodness, it makes the mechanics of storied Swiss watches look a bit slovenly.  Each of the 3 plies is spun to an even, strong perfection, and then the plies wind about each other without missing a beat anywhere.  The result is a fingering weight silk that gives heart-stopping stitch definition as it sparkles and shines its way into your heart.  You’ll find all this here.

Join Us on Ravelry for Our 3rd Annual Hot August Nights Scarf Fling-A-Long! Save 10% on Select Yarns! – 7/3/14


It’s time once again for our Hot August Nights Scarf Fling-A-Long!  Join us on Ravelry as we lean back in our porch swings, turn on the R&B radio station, grab our yarn and needles, hooks, or looms, and cruise to the rhythms of scarves in the making.  There will, of course, be prizes, and lots of fiber chat and inspiration as temperatures rise and the cicadas sing.  Cast-On begins July 15 with the Scarf Fling ending August 31.

We’ve picked out some great scarf yarns for our Fling-A-Long sale. To save 10% on the yarns listed below, just type the word ‘FLING’ into the Sale Code box on the shopping cart page.  Then click ‘RECALCULATE’ and enjoy the savings.

Here’s the list of Scarf Yarns on sale:

Hand Maiden

Cashmere 4-ply
Great Big Sea
Lace Silk
Sea Lace
Sea Silk
Silk Twist
Swiss Silk
Swiss Mtn. Cashmere & Silk
Swiss Mtn. Tussah Silk

Fleece Artist

BFL Socks
Merino 2/6
Saldanha Two
Trail Socks