Welcome to Our “Touch of Love Gift-A-Long” on Ravelry!


Here at Colorsong, we feel that this time of year offers every fiber worker what they dream about the rest of the year: a break in the heat with the time needed to make that really special gift for someone you love.  We decided that this would make a wonderful theme for our coming CAL, and set about gathering yarns that would be especially lovely as unique and cherished gifts.  When we looked over our selections, we realized that unbeknownst to us, our choices carried the theme of “texture” with them.  Each and every one has a very special texture that nurtures with each touch.

And so, our “Touch of Love Gift-A-Long” begins, starting today, Sept. 4.  Cast-on begins Sept. 15 and cast-off day is October 31.  During this time, we can all think about the people who are closest to us, and also about what projects to create in their honor.  And yes, it is completely permissible to indulge in self-gifting — we are, after all, closest to ourselves and that person sometimes needs support, too.

From now until October 31, you can save 10% on the following yarns and kits simply by typing the word “Love” into the Sale Code box on your shopping cart.  Click “Recalculate” and enjoy the savings.  You’ll find that discontinued colorways of most of the yarns are also represented on our Clearance pages and that the coupons will take another 10% off the discounted prices!

Here’s wishing you much joy, laughter, warmth and love with each stitch!

“Touch of Love” Sale Yarns:

Fleece Artist:

BFL Aran
BFL Big Blue
Peter Rabbit
Slubby Blue

Hand Maiden:

Casbah Silk
iSilk (in Clearance Corner only)
Lady Godiva
Maiden Hair
Swiss Mountain Mulberry Tussah


2 of 3 Kits
Island Embrace Blanket
Northern Nights Blanket

Perl Grey Pewter – On Sale at 25% Off!!!

Perl Grey Pewter - Save 25% Now!

Perl Grey Pewter – Save 25% Now!

There’s been a refreshing change in the air that has set us thinking about holiday gifts, parties and special occasions. We couldn’t think of a better way to share our enthusiasm for the coming season than by offering you a discount on any Perl Grey Pewter you choose to take home.  For a limited time, every piece of Perl Grey Pewter comes with it a 25% discount.  If you’ve had your eye on something special, this is the time to take advantage of the savings, here.

Kick Off the Knitting and Crochet Season with 20% Savings on ALL addi Products!! – 8/29/14

Save 20% on ALL addi products!!

Save 20% on ALL addi products!!

You heard right!  Over at the addi Needle Shop, we’re celebrating the return of crisp fall days and lots and lots of great knitting and crochet weather with a 20% discount on ALL addi products!  The discount will automatically apply to everything you order.  So welcome the new Knitting and Crochet Season and save as you stock up on the tools you love, here!

Hand Maiden Maiden Hair – 8/26/14

Hand Maiden Maiden Hair


Fourteen (14 !) newly arrived colorways of Hand Maiden Maiden Hair are here, ready to share their shimmery, shiny, fluffy goodness with you.  Those of you who participated in the Boo Knits MKAL recently have already discovered how really, really special Maiden Hair is; those of you who haven’t yet made its acquaintance are in for a treat.  Maiden Hair feels like a gossamer dream and looks like a yarn designer’s master achievement, catching everyone’s eye in every way possible, here.

Hand Maiden Mini Maiden – 8/22/14

Hand Maiden Mini Maiden


The 2014 colorways of Mini Maiden just arrived!  As you can see, they make this creamy 50/50 silk/wool fingering blend even more delicious.  If you’ve been eyeing a scarf or shawlette pattern, a single skein of Mini Maiden will take you there, with joy.  Come greet the new colors, here.

Hand Maiden Marrakesh – 8/21/14

Hand Maiden Marrakesh


We have 10 newly arrived colorways of Marrakesh, Hand Maiden’s impeccable lace weight Camelspin sibling.  And, isn’t it marvelous what silk and baby camel can do together?  The warm light that glows from within these fibers simply entices and captivates in ways no other fiber combination can quite match.  Marrakesh isn’t just luxury, it’s pure fiber-love, here.

Fleece Artist Northern Nights Blanket Kit – Project “Make-Over!” – 8/19/14

Fleece Artist Northern Nights Blanket Kits


We’ve had these kits for a while and have always found them opulent and in all ways wonderful: not only is the blanket fun knitting with a great result, but if you’re feeling like your yarn room isn’t quite full enough, a single kit will give you an instant stash-boost.  Just kidding (or, maybe not).  Anyway, we love them every time we walk past them, but hadn’t really noticed how very, uh, old their photos were.  Oops! How was it that we missed updating these photos?? And for such gorgeous yarn bundles, too???

Happily, Keri gathered them all up, gave them a little coaching on make-up and hair style, and reshot each and every photo.  The results speak for themselves and really convey how inviting and cozy the Northern Nights Blanket is in terms of fiber, knitting and bundling on a cold night.  So please stop by and take a look.  We think you’ll find them as irresistable as we do (and a bargain, too, as the price is lower than the total price of the individual skeins of yarn!!!), here.

Hand Maiden Lino – 8/15/14

Hand Maiden Lino


We know from all your emails and phone calls that many of you have been eagerly awaiting our next shipment of Hand Maiden’s Lino.  You need wait no more, it is here!  We have received 15 colorways of this superlative lace weight silk/linen combination.  Lino is an amazing yarn – it starts out rather crisp, loosens up to a lovely drape and hand, then blocks out with wonderful definition that holds its place better than anything we’ve seen.  Lino is an elegant and happy choice for anything lacey, here.

Hand Maiden Silk Maiden – 8/12/14

Hand Maiden Silk Maiden

Cactus Flower

We have some delicious newly arrived skeins of Silk Maiden that are sitting in our yarn room practically aquiver with excitement at the thought of getting to become your next project.  Silk Maiden is just one of the very nicest yarns to work with because it is so darned wonderful to touch.  Its 50/50 blend of wool and silk are spun together in a way that makes them feel almost like whipped cream.  This is not only a treat to the hands, but a bit of a wonder to the mind:  How can a yarn this strong and integral have such a sensuous side to it?  Some of our favorite things have been made with Silk Maiden.  You can find what you need for your next favorite thing here.

Hand Maiden Camelspin – 8/8/14

Hand Maiden Camelspin


We found 4 colorways of Camelspin tucked into the corner of a large shipment.  Talk about finding buried treasure!  Finding these skeins was like finding sparkling gems – each beautiful and singular.  Camelspin is one of the most luxurious yarns spun anywhere – the combination of camel and silk is soft and flowing, warming, yet not oppressively so.  Fingering weight, ready to render your next shawl radiantly, here.