Hand Maiden Camelspin – 4/23/14

Hand Maiden Camelspin

Sea Oak

Some very sublime Camelspin just came through our door, 15 colorways to be exact.  These include the 2014 colors and some returning old friends.  Camelspin’s golden inner glow adds a softly luminous dimension to all the colors, and its drape and softness places it alongside the yarn world’s all-time greats.  Find the ones you love most, here.

Hand Maiden Cashmere 4-ply – 4/22/14

Hand Maiden Cashmere 4-ply


We just received 20 (that’s right, 20!!!) colorways of Hand Maiden’s Cashmere 4-ply, including all the new colors!  If you’d like to add a little ultra-luxe to your life, there’s never been a better time – we’ve got more skeins of this vibrantly colored premium cashmere than you can shake a stitch counter at.  So, come on over and feast your eyes on these beauties.  Then, listen closely ~ we’re sure at least one of them will be calling your name, here.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk – 4/18/14

Hand Maiden Sea Silk


Mmmmm.  We have 11 newly arrived colorways of Sea Silk, including all the new 2014 colors.  As wonderful as Sea Silk has always been, these colorways just made it that much better.  Sea Silk is the perfect summer vacation yarn.  Find your inspiration, here.

Fleece Artist BFL Socks – 4/16/14

Fleece Artist BFL Socks


A full dozen yummy colorways of BFL Socks has arrived, including all the new 2014 colorways!  Each and every skein inspires us to drop whatever we’re working on and transform it into dazzling new wearables.   Socks, scarves, shawls, hats, you name it — there are adventures to be had with BFL Socks, here.

Hand Maiden Casbah – 4/14/14

Hand Maiden Casbah


We have another 10 colorways of Hand Maiden’s Casbah, the ultimate in sock and lace yarn!  All the 2014 colorways are here, strutting their stuff as they vie for your attention and hope to find themselves reinvented as your next project, here.

Fleece Artist Tosca – 4/1/14

Fleece Artist Tosca


If you are looking for some real fun, Tosca is calling your name.  Its chunky thick ‘n’ thin twisty Merino spirals are sheer delight to work with and joyously warm and cozy to wear.   We have 10 newly arrived colorways in our yarn room, 8 of which are new-to-us.  Let the good times roll, here.

Hand Maiden Double Sea – 4/1/14

Hand Maiden Double Sea


We just received 11 colorways of Hand Maiden Double Sea, including the new 2014 colors!  Stop by and see these new color inventions and how beautifully they grace this DK Silk/Seacell® confection, here.

Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Tussah – 3/28/14

Hand Maiden Swiss Mtn. Tussah


Here’s an old friend we haven’t seen for awhile ~ Hand Maiden’s Swiss Mtn. Tussah!  It has just arrived and is bringing back such fond memories and inspiring new adventures.  We think of Swiss Mtn. Tussah as the quintessential “un-wool.”  Its rustic nature creates a yarn that is soft, cushy, and warming in much the same way wool is, but with the smooth lustrous feel of silk.  Swiss Mtn. Tussah is a beautiful, 100% Tussah silk DK yarn that adds an extra (stunning) dimension to any fabric you create with it.  Perfect for every season and always gorgeous, here.

NEW! Hand Maiden Casbah Silk – 3/27/14

Hand Maiden Casbah Silk


Casbah Silk, Hand Maiden’s other new yarn just arrived!  Everything we have come to love about Casbah comes alive in Casbah Silk with the luxurious addition of an abundance of silk!  This DK/worsted beauty simply begs to show off your stitches in a texture-laden sweater or scarf made extraordinary with Cashmere’s softness and heirloom-worthy 4-ply spinning.  Its Merino and Silk content allows Hand Maiden’s colors to simply drench the fiber with richness, while its softness and masterful spin delights your hands as you create with it.  Casbah Silk is made for luxurious softness, heart-melting color, and classic elegance, here.

NEW! A Smattering of Hand Maiden Smitten – 3/26/14

Hand Maiden Smitten

Sea Oak

We’d like to introduce you to an exciting new member of the Hand Maiden pantheon of yarn: Smitten.  Smitten is Silk Twist’s big sister, a sparkling DK featuring 2 plies of 100% Merino with one dazzling ply of premium Silk.  Here at Colorsong, we were so excited about this new yarn that we didn’t want to wait for the big shipment that will arrive in Halifax sometime in April.  So, we talked with Hand Maiden and were able to buy out the small sampling they had on hand, thereby bringing you a taster of Smitten along with a promise of more to come.

Smitten is a delicious yarn confection, the sort that begs you to sink your fingers deep into its skeins; the sort that inspires so strongly that images of shawls, sweaters and more come bounding into your mind.  Smitten’s Merino enfolds as it’s Silk dances in the light.  And, of course, you’ve already noticed its deep and rich colors.  All this comes with a price that is lower than any we’d hoped for at this quality: $29.95/100g.  This, truly, is a wonderful yarn, here.